big ticket draw date

Big ticket draw date

Hi friends, now I will tell you about the big ticket draw, when this draw happens, in this section, I will tell you all the things at what time it takes place and where the draw takes place and how we can join it to answer all the questions. You will get to stay with us, we will give you all the information, you have to read it carefully so that you understand it well.

 What is draw date of big ticket ?

big ticket draw date

Big ticket draw takes place on the 3rd of every month, people from all over the world come here and join this event, sometimes it is also possible on the 4th.I you also want to participate in it, then every month’s 3 You can join it on the date if you want to take the ticket, then you have to take it before the 3rd because the ticket is drawn on the 3rd, after which you cannot take the ticket. This is the legal way to win money, so come and get tickets

Can We Join Big Ticket Event?

So I will tell you that you can or cannot go to this event, I will answer all the questions here, so yes you can participate in the event. First of all you have to register and login account. if you want to go there then you have to go to Abu Dhabi Airport. By going there, you have to join the event and enjoy.

If you also want to watch tickets from your Facebook account or Youtube channel, then you have to go to their official Facebook page and YouTube channel and there they run live. You have to watch live. You can watch all the events live on YouTube and Facebook .If you live in Dubai, then you have to join it, if you are billing from any other country, then you have to watch and enjoy them live on Facebook or YouTube channel. Yes you will enjoy it and watch all results


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