Big ticket facebook And YouTube live

Big ticket Facebook and YouTube live

So today we are going to talk about Big Ticket’s YouTube and Facebook Live whether those who are Big Ticket show their event on Facebook Live and YouTube Live or not, I will tell you that you will live on YouTube and Facebook How can I view the event? So you have to be with us, I will tell you everything and tell you all the ways how to watch live on Facebook and YouTube.

Then I would like to tell you that yes you can see the Big Ticket event on YouTube and Facebook. It is going draw to be on 3rd April that the event where all the tickets will be done and the name of the winner will be taken there and the winner will be screened for the live to date, and get all results about big ticket

How Watch Big Ticket live on Facebook and YouTube?

Big ticket facebook And YouTube live

Now I will tell you how to watch the event on YouTube and Facebook, so as you know that the big ticket ones are live on Facebook and on YouTube, many people join there and enjoy the live event. If you are, then I will tell you how you can search the page on YouTube and Facebook for Big Ticket event, I would like to tell you what you did first by going to YouTube If you want to watch live raffle tickets. If you want to register on is official website post is given to.

Then you have to click on it, and after that, you can see all the videos that you want to see live. Live is also going on there, then you can see the light there too, after this, if you’re going to watch live on Facebook, then you have to go to the search bar of Facebook and write there. You must have sent a ticket in front of them, and you will be running live there, then you have to enjoy your who’s live in. Well, there will be many, you can see there and subscribe to their channel¬†and page, like so that anyone can see easily when brought.


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