big ticket result today

big ticket result today

Hi friends today I want to tell you about Big ticket, which is a big ticket and how is it going on a big ticket ? In this section, I want to tell you how much money can be won by the winner.I am also telling you the price of a big ticket and who you can buy a ticket from online and from Abu Dhabi. all of your questions given below you can read carefully and now about Big ticket and its result.

Who is winner of the Big Ticket?

big ticket winner

Now I want to tell you about the winner of the Big ticket who can win the big ticket in Abu Dhabi. An Indian man is his name is Mohan Kumar yes a very lucky man he won the prize of 3rd march. His ticket number is 050897. And more who win the big ticket reward I am already discussed in the previous post.

Now I can tell you about the 3rd February winner details. his name is Nidal Shanwar, He lives in Al-Ain Dubai And his Ticket No. 216317.

car raffle for the BMW series In Big Ticket

Big Tickets In-car and BMW Vehicles Are Available Now You Can Win These Vehicles Are If You Want To Buy Tickets Take It Before April 30th. And this big ticket raffle will be drawn on May 3, you too can take part in it and your car will go out, you can win the car, you can win the BMW car too.

JEEP Grand Cherokee SERIES 1st WINNER

jeet grand Cherokee winner name Akeesh Puthiodath.His ticket Number is 029925, He belongs from India. Most of the winners of big tickets are from Indian. Indian peoples are very lucky.

Big Ticket Next Draw Date

Big ticket draw date is 3rd of April Friday at 7:30 p.m. In Abu Dhabi International Airport, come and join this event. This drawing of the ticket is also broadcast its official Facebook page and YouTube Channel. You can also log in and register in its official website

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